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Copacker Gets Positive Results After Switching From CIJ to Redimark TIJ Coder

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Elliott Miller, Asst. Production Manager for green-focused, Mill-Chem Manufacturing, shared with Packaging World how the Redimark TC12 Thermal Inkjet Date Coder was the perfect coding solution for lot coding their HDPE liquid laundry detergent bottles, in the June 2019 article Chemical copacker cuts out inkjet maintenance, by Matt Reynolds.

Miller had tried multiple different CIJ and TIJ coding solutions that proved inefficient, expensive, and difficult to use, before finding the right fit with Redimark.

“Their customer service is second-to-none”, says Miller. “I’ve been doing this for 27 years, and I’ve been through a lot of coders, some of which cost exponentially more than the Redimark and a lot of times when you have a problem, you call the manufacturer and it turns into a question of ‘How much money is it going to cost for a guy to show up to look at it?’”

Read the full article to learn more about how the Redimark TC12 is simplifying Mill-Chems’ detergent production line.

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